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    I often talk about knowing your little one's sleep cues especially the early ones so that you can avoid overtiredness. Overtiredness can make it realy difficult to settle our little ones to sleep. Crying, meltdowns and tantrums are later cues of tiredness your little one might display but by the time they are crying they may already be too tired.

    Read more about overtiredness and why you should try to avoid it here

    So how can you recognise those early signals of tiredness? What do they look like?

    Early signs of tiredness can vary from  baby to baby. Your baby or toddlers signs may be completely different to another childs. Common early signs of tiredness can be sudden loss on interest in interacting with you, pulling their ears or rubbing their noses or faces.

    A great way to familiarise yourself with your own baby or toddlers early sleep cues or signals is to look at the average time your baby can be awake before needing to rest and sleep, ( the table below displays the averages) then around the end of that time pay close attention to your little ones behaviour and see what you notice. Do this a few times a day over a couple of days? What do you notice?  what actions or behaviours do they display  repeatedly  before you notice  the more obvious signs of tiredness? 


    Those little things they do could be their unique early sleep cues.

    Some early sleep cues your baby may display are:

    • Suddenly losing interest in an activity when moments ago they were totally engagedMissing Sleep Cues
    • suddenly avoiding eye contact
    • ear pulling 
    • nuzzling into your shoulder or arms
    • blankly staring
    • many other cues so pay close attention for a few dyas and see what you notice

    When you begin to recognise those early signals begin the wind down process. Get them prepared for a nap, in a nice dark and quiet room or place, usuing white noise if necessary. In a few days you will notice your baby falls asleep  more quickly and easily and with a lot less resistance.



    Watch a live stream i hosted on the topic over on Periscope Here


    If you are reading this because you have a baby or toddler doesn't like sleeping as much as you do, I'd love to help you feel more confident, less overwhelmed and kick sleep deprivation to the curb... here are some ways ways i can be of help.

    1. You can join my community over on Facebook for sleep deprived mums wanting more gentle and respectful soultions to their babies sleep problems. Connect with me there and other mums who share your mission for more sleep using more gentle and child focussed methods. I created it to be space for commeraderies, support, inspiration or even just a safe space to come and have a good old whinge when sleep deprivation is kicking your butt! To join us over on FB Click Here!

    2. If your thinking about maybe sleep training your baby i have a free baby sleep class that can help you decide on how to sleep train your baby or toddler and 7 Key points to think about before you sleep train so that when you do start you see success quickly and with as little stress as possible. To access that free training Click Here....but hurry as i will be taking that free training down very soon

    3. You can optimise your little ones daytime sleep to avoid overtiredness ( and undertiredness) by structuring naps throughout the day. I have created for you a daily routine that will ensure that your baby get plenty of sleep during the day and at the right time ( and duration) so that at night time they'll settle to sleep with ease and sleep through the night sooner rather than later. I've created routines for the first year of your baby's life  and you can download your years worth of baby sleep routines here

    Sleep Schedules 0-12 months Freebie


    4. You can work with me privately to help get you and your baby or toddler sleeping through the night. We can work together and plan a sleep solution speciifically for you and your family and have me hold your hand, offerif emotional support and accountability to help you confidently shape ho your baby  or toddler sleeps To book a session with me click here to select a package that suits you and book our sessions together or email me for a free discovery call where we can chat and see if working together is a good fit for both of us!!

  2. Dear Amazing Mum
    I know you probably don't feel amazing right now and you're probably wondering why your little one isn't sleeping as much as you'd like or they need.
    I bet you're exhausted, fed up, maybe even emotional and wondering what you're doing wrong?
    Can I show you how you can teach  your little one to love bedtime and sleeping?
    I've worked with  babies overnight for 16 years now and I've learnt a good few tricks that can help them adore bedtime and rest.  
    And I'd like to share with you one of those tricks today.
    I can show you why your little one might fight sleep sometimes and what you can do about it.
    And it's all in a calm gentle and nurturing way that not only fosters an amazing relationship with sleep but also strengthens the bond between the two of you.
    My methods are simple but effective. And  with my support I can help you feel like yourself again and feel confident and empowered in your role as a mum.
    Just like every other skill your baby will eventually learn, the ability to be able to sleep independently is unique to each child but with an understanding of their nature and some love and nurturing from you i can help you influence & improve just how well your little one goes to sleeps.
    Would you like to know more ?
    Well babies and toddlers learn quickly through repetition.  Thats why you hear a lot about the importance of routines in your babies day.
    And if you have no routines in place at all right now the very first routine you can and should put into place is a bedtime routine.
    What you do in the hour before your baby goes to bed can be crucial in how easily they fall asleep and whether they stay asleep.
    Having a simple but effective bedtime routine can make the transition from being awake to fall asleep a quick and easy one.
    Spending 2 plus hours every evening getting your baby to sleep or battling with a toddler isn't practical or easy on either of you.
    I created A video class just for you to help make bedtimes a breeze.
    My class Before You Lay Me Down To Sleep. Will show you how to create a routine to do before bed that your little one will love.
    And in a matter of days you'll have your little one in bed, asleep in less than an hour so you can put your feet up and relax till the morning (or the next feed.)
    In this short but info packed class
    You’ll learn:
    • What a bedtime routine is and why having an effective one in place is your best tool against sleep deprivation.
    • How having a routine in place can actually boost your mood as well as help your baby fall asleep with ease.
    • How to create a bedtime routine your baby or toddler will love and actually look forward to.
    • widely known but often overlooked tips to success.
    You'll know exactly how to help your baby or toddler unwind and relax and nod off
    Plus as a gift to you.
    For this week only I'll also give my Keeping A Diary class completely free.
    This class previously been unavailable for sale or download.
    Keeping a diary is the key to solving any sleep problems your baby may be having and in this bonus class i show you how to keep a diary and how your babies behaviour is actually communicating to you what the cause of sleep resistance is.

    If you’d like a copy of this instant download video class you can buy it now for the amazing special offer of  £4.99 this week only
    (After which the bonus class and this class will go up in price)
    Click the link (pic) below to make your payment, and receive a link to download your classes to your laptop, smartphone or tablet instantly.
    twitter post
    Hurry this offer isn't hanging around for long!
    And remember I don't leave you to figure things out on your own you can always join my Facebook community to meet other sleep deprived parents and tag and ask me questions too.
    Click here to join my Facebook group
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    My most challenging cases have always been the cases I've learnt the most from.   This case study was not actually from my work as a night nanny but from my day job so to speak. I was working as a member of management at a Day Nursery and was in charge of the Baby Unit. Names have been changed.

    Background info
    Baby Victoria aged 10 months old, At fulltime nursery and needs to be held and rocked to  fall and stay asleep both at naptime and overnight.

    I met baby Vicky when she was 7 months old, a gorgeous little girl with a passionate fiesty spirit. Vicky was a  quiet observant little girl but if she was upset boy did we know about it. Her personality/ temperament type was The Grumpy Kid to a T, particular, observant ,tactile,thrives on routine doesn’t cope well when they can’t anticipate whats happening next . Vickys mum had recently returned to to work and up until heading  back to work had been babywearing & breast fed  Vicky on demand.