Does Rocking or Cuddling To Sleep Cause Sleep Problems?

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The general consensus with most sleep experts is that rocking your baby to sleep will eventually become a crutch for your baby. Meaning that anytime they wake you will always have to rock or cuddle your baby in order to get them back to sleep.

Well I’m writing this to give MY opinion on the whole rocking to sleep issue.

Rocking or cuddling your little one to sleep is not going to cause sleep problems and is definitely not the reason why your little one isn’t sleeping. Some experts say that if you cuddle or rock your baby to sleep then you’ll always have to do so, it will become a “bad” habit or a crutch. That’s not 100 percent true but it’s not a lie either. Some little ones, depending on the individual personality may come to rely on being cuddled to sleep. And if you try to stop doing so before they’re ready you may both struggle initially. That’s not to say they’ll need you to cuddle them to sleep forever.  I’ve never seen a 16 year old need rocking to sleep or a 10 or 8 year old for that matter

When your baby is tiny and new-born it’s totally natural to want to hold and cuddle your baby to sleep. There’s no better feeling in the world than having a small baby fast asleep in your arms.  As they get older we enjoy the cuddles right before sleep I know I did with my daughter. Those moments are the making of memories. And essential for bonding too.

 I want to keep it real with you……. If your little one isn’t the best at getting to sleep and cuddling or rocking to sleep is the ONLY way they are able to get to sleep right now you could be met with protest if YOU decide that you no longer want to do so anymore.  I highlighted YOU because I know of many little ones who have been cuddled to sleep in the past who get to an age and stage when they don’t want or need you to cuddle them to sleep anymore and are ready to sleep to sleep independently.


That age and stage when they’re are ready to go to sleep by them will again vary according to each individual little one. Some are happy to go to sleep by themselves from quite early on other  little ones can be as old as 18 months and still not be ready  to go to sleep by themselves…..

Now a lot of mums who reach out to me asking if they should cuddle to sleep and my answer are always the same….. If you want to go for it!!!

I think a lot of mums do want to cuddle there little ones to sleep for as long as possible and I think those mums should!

There are also mums who come to me saying

” I’m resenting having to spend so long getting them to sleep”.

“I want to be there for them but I feel like my rocking them is a crutch, not so much something she needs but is just used to…and I don’t know how to change this now”

Cuddling to sleep should be a positive experience for you both, an opportunity to bond and help your little one feel secure and connected with you right before they fall asleep. If you’re starting to resent the process or feeling drained by it your little one can pick up on this and react to it by becoming   more clingy or reluctant to sleep as they sense feelings and energy that they don’t understand. And internalise… they think it’s about them.

So if this is your unique situation you   might be considering now weaning them off of needing you to help them transition from being awake and tried to sleeping. That doesn’t mean they no longer need your presence. Sometimes your little ones don’t need us to actually fall asleep but they do need to know we’re there for them when they are.

Perhaps you’d like to help your little one learn to self-settle but aren’t sure how.

You might be concerned that they’re perhaps not ready yet or that they will protest and cry. And you definitely don’t want to leave them to cry alone nor do the whole “let them cry and return in intervals” mess either. Leaving them to cry alone is not your gig.

Well I have a method that I’ve used with many many babies and toddlers to help them learn to self-settle to sleep – NOT cry themselves to sleep alone BUT to actually settle to sleep independently and be happy about it too.

No matter how crazy your get-em to sleep ritual is now you can change that to a happy little one who is happy to fall asleep on their own.


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And no crying it out or controlled crying is involved. Just a respectful gentle method to help and support your little one in falling asleep independently.

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