Did You Know 15- 20% of 6- 18 month olds......

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Did you know that only between 15-20% of babies ages between 6-18mths old sleep through the night for a period of 10-12 hours

ONLY 15-20%!!!⠀

80% of infants 6-18months of ages still wake up overnight between 1-3 times! ⠀Did You KNow PIN

80% still wake up overnight!!

⠀That’s a lot!!! ⠀

So  if you have a baby or toddler who still wakes up frequently overnight


a toddler who wakes up crying for milk or water,

You haven’t broken your baby or spoilt them by not sleep training sooner or not sleep training them AT ALL.⠀

Your non-sleeping  Little One is not an exception!

You are not the only mum still waking up overnight!


Your little one does not NEED to be sleep trained or have a sleep problem to be fixed.

Your little one is ???? % normal!!! ⠀

(But still, that waking up overnight is really bloody tiring &  inconvenient sometimes isn’t it? ????????) 


The report that found these findings can be downloaded and read here


tHinking about ‘maybe’Sleep training your baby....._