The Quiet Particular Observer & getting them to sleep! ⠀

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The Quiet Particular Observer!

This little individual can be a quirky creature of habit , they like what they like & they like things “just so” & have a mind of their own. ⠀
These low energy but highly focused individuals are like deep thinkers, independent but impatient, they watch & observe before diving into an activity or exploring but once they are engaged they will happily play, explore alone but will not appreciate you interrupting or interfering with them. ⠀
These are the babies that don’t like changes to their daily routine at all, they don’t like high energy, noisy or excitable activities . This will be the baby that cries and gets upset & easily overwhelmed in lively noisy music classes but love quiet stories or sensory activities. They do smile but on the whole can be described as serious and solemn individuals. 
Sticklers for routine and familiarity these little ones don’t cope well with new faces or unexpected changes & can have major emotional meltdowns and protests that they can really struggle to calm down. ⠀
These little ones are like grumpy little old men. Who don’t like change and protest strongly when they don’t like something (which is any time something changes from their norm.)⠀
How to help these little ones sleep well: ⠀
1. These little ones can get overwhelmed/overstimulated easily and really struggle to relax, they can resist sleep like an overtired baby can. A calming pre nap ritual (like a quiet rhyming story & a cuddle in a quiet room) will help settle them for sleep. With toddlers giving them ample warnings ahead of stopping play for a nap time that’s approaching will help to minimise meltdowns if they’re engaged in an activity.⠀
2. Keep the space and place they nap the same everyday, & settle them to sleep in the exact same way every single time. Any variation in order of task will upset them. Trying to nap on the go or changing where they nap will throw them off and result in angry, tired meltdowns and possibly nap refusal altogether . They like everything familiar and just so. These little ones can get touched out/overwhelmed quite easily and can often fight being cuddled and soothed when they become frustrated or upset. Some little quiet particular observers seem to calm down quicker by themselves initially then perhaps wanting a cuddle after the anger has passed. ⠀

These little ones can be brilliant self settlers if they enjoy they’re pre nap ritual and when encouraged to rest before they become overwhelmed or overtired. ⠀
Is your little one a quiet and particular observer? What do you notice about your little ones who are like this ? ⠀