Improve Overnight Sleep By Optimising Daytime Naps

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I'm so excited!!

Yesterday I had a client win by changing just 1 thing!!!

We managed to reduce 2 hourly wake ups overnight to just 1 wake up between 7pm and 6 am in just one day!!



 A little background info...    

My clients little one is 6 months old ( absolutely adorable) exclusively breastfed and was sleeping through the night waking for just 1 feed before the 4 month sleep regression kicked in!!

We went from waking up once to feed overnight to waking every 2 hours to feed and not really sleeping all that much in between. My clients goal was to get back on track to how sleep was before the regressin kicked in, if she sleot through the night ? Great!! but the goal was just to reduce the night wakings and feeds and hopefully get back to just one breastfeed overnight!!!

and we did it in just ONE DAY!!!                     Sleep Schedules 0-12 months Freebie

We didn't do any harsh sleep training!

We didn't leave her baby to cry!

We didn't refuse any feeds !

So how did we do it!!

We did it by restructuring daytime naps and optimising naps.

I created a routine for my mummy client that would ensure that her little one slept well at the right times throughout the day so that she didn't get overtired ( cos we know overtiredness is not our frend if we want oevrnight sleep) but also limited nap times so that sleep taken during naps didnt impact on overnight sleep.

The goal is to avoid overtiredness but also prevent undertiredness. Planning your babies naps so that they get just the right amount of sleep in the day to be well rested and play and explore but also sleep well at night too.

After following the sleep schedule for just ONE DAY  my client saw a 90% improvement on overnight sleep.

Want a sleep schedule for your little one?

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