10 Top Tips To Get Your Toddler & Preschooler Sleeping.

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Sleep difficulties with toddlers is more common than many mums realise. The toddler years are a tricky phase for your little one, no longer a baby but not quite a big boy or girl just yet. The toddler age can be a confusing time for your little one, they may yearn for freedom and independence but still need to security of knowing mum or dad are nearby should they need them. 

Getting your toddler to go to bed can be super tricky. Just when you think you have this sleep thing sussed out your toddler starts protesting at bedtime or waking up at all hours and nothing seems to get them to want to go to sleep!!

Toddler Sleep E book! (1)With so much learning growning and developing getting to sleep can be a challenge for toddlers and even more of a challenge for us parents.

Ive been working with babies and toddlers both day and night for over 18 years now and have learnt a fair few tricks get toddlers to relax and cooperate. I've been able to get a group of 12 toddlers to fall asleep all at the same time! You can read about that here

I created this eBook with 10 amazing tips to help your little one aged between 18 months old up to 5 years old. These tips are effective, gentle, evidence based and when implemented consistently will help your toddler or preschooler feel calm, relaxed and happy to sleep at bedtime. You can download a copy for yourself here 



If you are reading this because you have a baby or toddler doesn't like sleeping as much as you do, I'd love to help you feel more confident, less overwhelmed and kick sleep deprivation to the curb... 

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