4 Things You Can Do If Your Baby Cries When You Sleep Train

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Crying! The very things that makes teaching your baby to sleep independently so very challenging!

No mother likes or wants to hear or do things that make their little ones cry however when it comes to teaching our little ones to sleep more and more independently dealing with tears makes the entire process stressful and challenging for all concerned. 

Even the gentlest of sleep training methods can sometimes involve tears and whilst  I wouldn't 

2 things you should do if.... (1)encourage mums or parents to leave their babies to cry alone, avoiding tears altogther during the sleep training process is almost impossible....

So what do you do when your trying to teach your baby new skills like self settling  but tears of protest ensue?

Check out my short video  below 4 Things you can do to help your little one when they cry during the sleep training process


  1. Reframe your thoughts on crying - Crying doesnt mean you've failed in your attempts ( although it will feel that way ) it's just their way of communicating to you.

  2. Listen & Interpret -  Before rushing to stop the tears stop and have a listen. What is your baby communicating with their tears? Bare in mind that your baby is going to be tired and probably frustrated  as well so this alone could be the reason for the tears. If the cry increasing in intensity or decreasing as you soothe your baby.

  3. Respond to the communication - Always respond if your baby needs you but that doesnt always mean doing things to just stop the tears, find ways to soothe your baby without giving in to what they want. They want you to go back the the familiar way of settling to sleep but perhaps  what they need learn how to fall asleep in a new way. They always need you to respond and be there with them so dont feel like you have to leave them to cry alone.

  4. If everything is getting too stressy and tense - Calm and soothe  your little one anyway you can till they  calm or  fall asleep if the new technique gets too distressing abandon and attempt at the next nap, this doesnt mean you have failed in your attempts. try again at the next nap and keep trying consisently for at least 7-10 days before deciding to stop and try another method. Think of learning to self settle as learning to walk.  sometimes you'll take several steps and fall, sometimes you'll take 1 step and fall over but what matters is that you keep attemping to take steps. until eventually your walking  or sleeping.


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