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  1. Tackle Things 1 At A Time- Baby Steps In The Right Direction Is Still Progress

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    If your little one isn’t sleeping you might be considering sleep training or modifying of some sort, you might be worried or even feeling overwhelmed by the task. â €
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    Should I change my daily routine??â €
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    Should my baby be napping more? ?â €
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    Is my baby napping too much? ?â €

  2. If You Can't Change How Your Baby Sleeps Right Now, Here's What You CAN Change.....

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    If you can’t change how your little one sleeps right now heres what you CAN


    It can be really hard to change how your baby sleeps when you’re not sure how, are probably chronically sleep deprived, lacking in confidence and probably in patience too.  Changing another person’s habits, never mind those of your baby can be tough but changing your own sleep habits so your better able to  cope with sleep deprivation in the short term is much easier! â €