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    It’s a common assumption that babies and toddlers outgrow their poor sleeping habits, on occasion that can be true, many children can outgrow poor sleep habits and sleep longer  at night those children and families are fortunate but what about those babies and toddlers who don’t. I get many enquiries from mothers who are still struggling with getting their 3 & 4 year olds to sleep all night.

    Contrary to previous thoughts children don’t just wake up overnight out of hunger. They wake up for various other reasons too but figuring out the cause of sleep reistance can be tricky

  2. nap time

    How I get 12 toddlers to nap EVERYDAY at nursery! ( If it works with 12 toddlers it will be  breeze with just 1!)


     At nursery, a few weeks back we had a perspective parent make an impromptu visit to the nursery, I was in the baby room with 12 sleeping toddlers and the dad came in on tiptoes awe struck.

    “How do you do this? We have a nightmare getting Netty to nap.”

    It was 12.55 and all 12 of my babies were fast asleep. 

  3. Research by St Johns Ambulance in the UK has found that 80% of parents would not know what to do if they're baby was choking.

    80% is massive. But having taken peadiatric first aid course myself many times, saving a baby from choking is actually very simple. Scary as hell but nonetheless very very simple. Watch this video below and equip yourself,  GOD FORBID this ever happen to one of your children but if it does you'll know exactly what to do!! UK comedians David Walliams, Johnny Vegas and David Mitchell provide the voices for this video by St Johns ambulance explaining how to save your child from choking.



    This video could save a childs life!!