Tackle Things 1 At A Time- Baby Steps In The Right Direction Is Still Progress

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If your little one isn’t sleeping you might be considering sleep training or modifying of some sort, you might be worried or even feeling overwhelmed by the task.⠀
Should I change my daily routine?⠀⠀
Should my baby be napping more? ⠀
Is my baby napping too much? ⠀
Is my baby overtired? Or may we undertired?⠀
Maybe I need to be doing a bedtime routine more consistently every night?😴⠀
Should I be creating new sleep associations? 🤫⠀
Am I creating bad habits, when I feed to sleep? 🤭⠀Tackle

Should I be changing where my baby sleeps?⠀
What   soothing/settling method should I consider?⠀
Should  I be night weaning ? ⠀
Omg! ⠀
The things to consider feel endless....⠀

Then add sleep deprivation and a crying baby into the equation and it can just all feel like too much! ⠀
You want both of you to be able to sleep happily but “where the hell do I start?” 😤⠀

Tackle 1 thing at a time! It’s normal to feel overwhelmed even when you’ve slept well. Throw exhaustion into the mix and it can feel impossible, I’ve been there! ⠀

But know that sometimes just the smallest of changes carried out consistently can have a massive impact on sleep for your baby. ⠀

Get a pen and paper ( or download a baby app. I use baby connect) ⠀
Make a note of when your baby feeds and how much, when they sleep for how long, then after a couple of days, look back and see if you notice any patterns.⠀
How much sleep are they getting overnight? ⠀
How many times did they wake? ⠀
What did you do when they woke? ⠀
How many naps did they take? ⠀
What time was bedtime? How long did they take to fall asleep? ⠀
If there aren’t any patterns in behaviour, sleep, or feeds where can you introduce some consistency? ⠀
Perhaps you might work in doing bedtime every night at 7, or you may decide to work on helping baby nap longer in the day or you may practice helping your baby to self settle. ⠀
Pick one thing to work on that could improve sleep for your baby and work on the consistently for 7 days, make notes on what happens each day/night and note progress. ⠀

My good friend says ‘baby steps in the right direction is STILL progress’ and she’s right. ⠀

What 1 thing will you work on this week to improve your baby’s sleep? Tell me in the comments!! ⠀

(If you’re feeling so overwhelmed that figuring what to tackle first is just too much, send me an email let’s work together to figure exactly what you can tackle first that will have the biggest impact on sleep.)

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