Sleep Solutions


If your are interested in having me help, guide and support you on your journey to sleeping through the night but your not sure about a few things and would like to have a quick chat before you go ahead a book a sleep session please click here to arrange a call.

We can talk about ways forward and how much support you may need, and if working with me is a good fit for both of us!

I want to help you feel more confident,

I want to help you understand what is going on with your little one in terms of sleep,   but most of all i want to help you both feel well rested and get your household soundly sleeping each and every night!!

You don't have to struggle with sleep deprivation by yourself.

  Get in touch here for a discovery call ( free)  or book your sleep session with me below

Click the session or solution of your choice, you'll be directed to a page to make payment, then you will receive an email with further instructions on how to book you time slot and complete a full sleep history and pre assessment form


Digital downloadable classes can be purchased from here. Make your payment and then class details are usually emailed to you after  for you to access. If pre ordering class details will be emailed to you automatically on the day of release.