What is a Night Nanny?

Having a  baby usually means getting up at various intervals overnight to feed, soothe and calm your baby and help them get back to sleep. This can be an exhausting experience  leaving you  feeling sleep deprived and overwhelmed at times.  A Night Nanny is an  newborn care specialist who works overnight. They  will usually have qualifications in nursing or childcare & have extensive knowledge & experience of caring for babies from new born up to 1 year of age. They will arrive at your home in the evening and take care of all your baby’s needs throughout the night. Normally a Night Nanny would start at 9.00pm and finish at 7.00am. But hours can be changed to better cater to your needs.  They  gently guide your baby to sleep  using responsive and gentle methods through the night whilst you catch up on some much needed rest & sleep.

Night Nanny duties include:

  • Night feeds ( either giving your baby a bottle of formula or expressed milk or bringing baby to you to feed if you breastfeed.)
  • Change nappies.
  • Burp & settle your baby to sleep.
  • Prepare and sterilise your baby’s bottles & breast pump equipment.
  • Dressing your baby in the morning, if you plan to go out first thing.
  • Offering help and advice on normal sleep habits & getting your baby into a sleep routine
  • Cleaning a circumcision and / or umbilical cord
  • Giving you a full written report of all overnight feeds, changes and additional information when required. 

Night nannies rest between meeting the needs of your baby overnight so  will need a bed or appropriate place to rest during the night. 

A night nanny is not responsible for laundry or domestic household duties. Night Nannies are self employed and handle their own tax and national insurance contributions. 

Night nannies  hold a paediatric first aid certificate, have a clear DBS clearance and hold appropriate nanny insurance. 

Hiring Charmaine as your Night Nanny. 

Charmaine has over 23 years of experience working as a night nanny. Not only does she hold an NNEB diploma she also holds a certificate in sleep training and has studied Holistic Sleep Coaching Level 6 course as well. She is DBS Enhanced Clearance checked and is fully insured.

She is knowledgeable in age appropriate evidence based sleep techniques and methods to gently encourage sleeping through the night sooner rather than later. Charmaine is not a sleep trainer and will not use extinction methods or cry it out techniques to help children sleep.

Charmaine can be hired on an ad hoc basis or be booked for a longer term period. The majority of clients book Charmaine  between 3-5 nights per week for up to 12 weeks from the time they come home from hospital with their newborn. 

To hire Charmaine as a night nanny costs £250 per night for 10 hours overnight ( £25 an hour.)

10 hours overnight is standard practise for many night nannies, however if you'd prefer 12 hours or 9 hours  do let me know when you make your enquiry.

Please  email Charmaine@soundlysleeping,co.uk to check availabilty or to hire Charmaine for night nanny services. 

Charmaine can be booked for ad hoc nights or for a longer term booking subject to availability.  

All nights are to be paid for in advance before booking is confirmed. Nights are paid for in advance instead of booking a holding deposit.