Frequently asked questions.

 How do you empower sleep deprived mums?

I work with parents but mostly mothers at times when sleep deprivation is getting too much & they are at they're wits end. Usually they have a small or no support network or feel uncomfortable asking for help from those around them. I listen, share knowledge and information on babies and toddlers and whats normal for them in terms of developement in all areas as well as sleep. I can either coach you in person or  virtually by email, video calling or even text message. I do group coaching and also teach workshops. 

I can come and support you overnight at home via my night nanny services, I  offer advice and even take over caring for your baby if it all gets to much and you just need to get some sleep. Im a mother myself so i know that being a parent is far from easy at times especially if you're "new on the job". if you want to knwo more you are very welcome to contact me feel free to email me a schedule a free discovery call, where you can discover exactly i can help you. email me [email protected]

Are Controlled Crying or cry  it out methods involved in your sleep training packages?

I don't like to use such methods to help your baby learn to sleep, I feel there are other more respectful & gentle ways however it can be very difficult to change a habit in a baby or child without some tears or crying. When babies & toddlers cry its usually to communicate something.

I believe that they are either tension releasing cries ( crying due frustration,confusion anger and/or tiredness) or  tension increasing ( indicating the baby is becoming more and more stressed due to ill health or pain or emotional distress). Read this blog post that can elaborate on my methods to sleep teach rather than train a baby. 

I've read every child sleep book there is & still couldn't get my baby to sleep, what will you be doing differently?

Firstly reading a book and actually taking action based on whats writen in said book are two very different things. I have read many of the boks you have read , taken many trainings and updated my own knowlegde and information on sleep and early years development. plus i have many years experience actually implementing many different menthods with many different babies. every baby is different adn what works for somee little ones doesnt work for others.With my coaching, knowledge and experiences i can share with you the norms pf infant sleep, give you the confidence, moral support and accounatability to resolve your babys sleep problems with action steps and options based on your family's  individual needs. Together we will create a plan of action taking into consideration your parenting style along with your babies personality and temperament and will tailor a sleep solution that suits the whole family. If your baby or toddler  is struggling with sleep, there is usually a cause or reason. I have found that little ones actually want to sleep, they just struggle with it at times for various reasons, knowing those reasons can help you find  a solution that solves the sleep struggle effectively and with minimal tears, upset and sleep deprivation. I will support and coach you every step of the way of the solution.

I'm not convinced, how can i justify spending money on sleep coaching, will it even work ?

Firstly, it will work - as long as you are ready for change, prepared  to take action, committed to taking the steps necessary and most importantly know and understand whats normal for infants,how they sleep and follow through with consistancy - together we can get your child sleeping if 

  • You've really had enough and are ready to change the situation
  • You're committed and dedicated to make changes
  • If you can be positive, consistent and stick to the plan
  • if you can take responsibility for implementing the plan.
  • If your expectations are realistic 

Nothing will change if

  • If you are negative & unwilling to make the necessary changes
  • if your inconsistent & impatient with your little one and yourself
  • if your unwilling to take responsibilty for implementing the sleep plan designed for you
  • If you expect Me to literally do it for you. I can do it for you but how will YOU get your little one to sleep once i've left and you're on your own?

I can help you catch up on sleep & even start the sleep training process with you but it does require work on your part too,  if yu are unable to  maintain the steps we put in place together do it for you if its all too much. email me for night nanny rates.)

What age group do you specialize in?

My area of expertise is with children under 2 years of age, I've worked with under twos  for over 20 years  however i have undertaken training to support and  solve sleep problems in older children as well up to 6 years of age.


What qualifies you to advise me on child/baby sleep, are you qualified or certified?

As well as being a mother myself, I have the world renowned childcare qualification the NNEB this covers all areas of child development & care for children aged 0-7 years of age. I also have completed a OCN Level 3 certificate in Sleep Training & completed many online trainings in sleep and early years development. I have read many many books on baby sleep & im a member of the Internation Association For Child Sleep Consultants. It is my intention to also gain the level 5 certificate  in Holistic Sleep Training.  I also have over 18 years experience of working on an overnight basis trouble shooting and encouraging positive sleep habits in countless babies and toddlers. I've seen lots and tried probably every method and trick that you have and then some. In 18 years i have learnt a LOT. Thats over 23,400 hours of working with babies to get them sleeping. They say in order to call yourself an expert on something you have to have experienced over 10,000 hours in the field......so i can call myself a baby sleep expert twice over (but i also need matchsticks to hold my eyes open!!)

I've studied and have knowledge of 

  • Biology of Sleep
  • Child Development
  • Night Weaning
  • Feeding / Nutrition
  • Cat Naps & Early Rising
  • Reflux / Colic/Gord
  • Sleep resistence/behaviour/attention seeking
  • Multiples & Siblings
  • Sleep props/negative associations
  • Swaddling
  • SIDS
  • Secure Attachment/Separation Anxiety/object permanence
  • Temperament/personality type/Overriding sense modes
  • Excessive Crying
  • Overtiredness & Sleep Resistance
  • Coping &  Sleep Strategies


I have a full DBS check dated august 2017  & a paediatric first aid certificate. Plus i've attended many short courses on breastfeeding , nutrition and development.  I've probably read every child sleep book you have and then some.....I don't know everything about baby sleep nor am i comfortable calling myself an expert, more of a guide or specialist if you will. Many sleep coaches and consultants don't have formal qualifications as the industry is unregulated. Many coaches help and suppport other mums after experiencing difficulties with their own little one and creating solutions on their own, however I have broader experiences having sleep trained and worked with many many families and their babies to get to sleep. A one size fits all approach to sleep just doesn't work as every baby and family is unique.