What to do when your toddler takes HOURS to fall asleep & How to prepare your toddler to ditch the dummy!

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Check out the replay of my facebook live where i shared a technique called 'fading' which you can use to help to reset sleep hygiene if your toddler spends hours falling asleep after the bedtime routine. Also i share how to prepare your toddler for ditching  the dummy. It may not be as stressful as experience as you might think if you plan ahead!!  

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Having a toddler who refuses to sleep can be super challenging. Finding soluitons for toddler sleep that

1547151258 are gentle and evidence based can be even more challenging....until now. I've worked with families with children under 2 for nealry 20 years both day & night. I cretaed this ebook with 10 of my top tips to help you get yoour toddler or preschooler sleeping again. You can download it to your Kindle or Smartphone or tablet, and implement the tips of your choice right away!! Click here to download your toddler sleep ebook for FREE right here click here  ( or click the pic!)

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