Is My 4-6 Month Old Teething?

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Teething bannerThey’re dribbling constantly, everything they get their hands on goes in their mouths and they are fussy, clingy and crying a lot more than usual! And sleep 💤 what’s that?

They must be teething right?

Whilst it’s possible that your baby could be cutting a tooth (some babies cut teeth as early as 6 months, some babies have even been born with teeth  this is rare.)

A lot of mums suspect that sleep challenges along with the sudden crankiness and crying along with dribbling & everything your baby grabs going in their mouths is down to   teething.⠀

But unless the above is accompanied with:

  • Hot or red cheeks,Teething
  • Baby actually biting down on hard objects ,
  • Changes in bowel movements
  • Refusal of feeds or decreased appetite.

 Then it’s unlikely to be teething. ( between the months of 4 -6 there is alot of mental development happening that can make your baby a bit of a fuss pot for a few weeks.)

The dribbling is usually down to the maturation of your baby salivary glands and them constantly putting  their hands & other things in their mouths due to the development of their hand/eye coordination.

If the fussiness your baby is experiencing is down to teething then a tooth  should appear around 3/4 days after the fussiness starts.

Have you noticed your baby’s sudden ability to put everything in their mouths and dribbling galore?

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