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  1. Analysing Your Journal

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     Analysing Your Journal 

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    Hello Lovely mums and dads

    Today im going to get you to look back over the last 7 days of your journal. Look at everything you've written down and also now remember as well. What have you noticed about how your baby eats, sleeps, feeds and plays. You probably realise you

  2. VLOG: How to Stop Your Newborn Sleeping All Day & Feeding All Night

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    A question I'm often asked, Heres how to switch the days and nights around with your newborn.

    Are struggling with how your baby or toddler is sleeping right now? Are  you scratching your head in dismay at  your little ones current sleep habits? You can teach your little one to sleep through the night WITHOUT using harsh sleep training methods. Don't struggle on your own. I can help you get the sleep both you and your little one need. Get in touch. email me, tweet me or find me on Facebook. You don't have to struggle with sleep deprivation on your own. 

    Charmaine x 

  3. Missing Sleep Cues? Here's What to do!

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    I often talk about knowing your little one's sleep cues especially the early ones so that you can avoid overtiredness. Overtiredness can make it realy difficult to settle our little ones to sleep. Crying, meltdowns and tantrums are later cues of tiredness your little one might display but by the time they are crying they may already be too tired.

    So how can you recognise those early signals of tiredness? What do they look like?

    Early signs of tiredness can vary from  baby to baby. Your baby or toddlers signs may be completely different to another childs. Common early signs of tiredness can be sudden loss on interest in interacting with you, pulling their ears or rubbing their noses or faces.

    A great way to familiarise yourself with your own baby or toddlers early sleep cues or signals is to look at the average time your baby can be awake before needing to rest and sleep, ( the table below displays the averages) then around the end of that time pay close attention to your little ones behaviour and see what you notice. Do this a few times a day over a couple of days? What do you notice? the things you see them repeatedly do again and again before the more obvious signs of tiredness are your babies early sleep cues.

    When you notice those early signals begin the wind down process. Get them prepared for a nap, in a nice dark and quiet room or place, usuing white noise if necessary. In a few days you will notice your baby falls asleep  more quickly and easily and with a lot less resistance.



    Watch a live stream i hosted on the topic over on Periscope Here


    To learn about overtiredness, self settling and more Join The Soundly Sleeping Club today learn more here

  4. Facebook Live Stream - Overtiredness & How To Avoid It VLOG

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  5. Facebook Live Stream - White Noise! Why Its So Great & How To Use It Properly - VLOG

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  6. Does Rocking or Cuddling To Sleep Cause Sleep Problems?

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    The general consensus with most sleep experts is that rocking your baby to sleep will eventually become a crutch for your baby. Meaning that anytime they wake you will always have to rock or cuddle your baby in order to get them back to sleep.

    Well I’m writing this to give MY opinion on the whole rocking to sleep issue.

    Rocking or cuddling your little one to sleep is not going to cause sleep problems and is definitely not the reason why your little one isn’t sleeping. Some experts say that if you cuddle or rock your baby to sleep then you’ll always have to do so, it will become a “bad” habit or a crutch. That’s not 100 percent true but it’s not a lie either. Some little ones, depending on the individual personality

  7. Facebook Livestream - Dummies, Should you get rid of your little ones dummy? My answer may surprise you!

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    I found a picture of my now 14 year old as a toddler.

    We used to call her "The Dummy Commando" (amongst other things) As she loved a dummy at that age. 

    I really don't have an issue with dummies unlike many other experts. As long as you keep dummies as clean as possible i don't think your little one having a dummy need be a problem.

    But what if they become dependent on a dummy at bedtime? What if having a dummy at nogth is now becoming a problem? Watch my live stream and find out how to avaid a dummy becoming a problem for your little one.