....Are You Prepared To Do It EVERY Time You Want Your Baby To Sleep?

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....Are You Prepared To Do It EVERY Time You Want Your Baby To Sleep?

If you are..... then please feel free to click away from this page or ignore everything i'm about to say.  If you're thinking actually i enjoy this for the time being but in time this may not be practical ( for whatever reason.) you might wanna read on.

Soooo many books and experts say that rocking or feeding or cuddling your baby to sleep is a bad habit, as they will always need you to rock feed or cuddle them to sleep..... I have never seen a 12 year old need to be breastfed to sleep but I will say this.

It’s not a bad habit or a good habit to rock feed or cuddle your baby to sleep, I rocked, fed and cuddled my baby to sleep and countless of my charges too


when rocking, feeding or cuddling to sleep is the ONLY way you have of getting your baby to sleep it could become a problem for your little one the day you decide NOT to rely on your tried and true way of settling them to sleep.

In my mind the answer is to find ways that can help your baby relax unwind and fall asleep that don’t just involve cuddling or rocking, add Other associations to falling asleep so that if/when you do decide that rocking/feeding/cuddling to sleep your little one doesn’t panic or cry from confusion or frustration at you not using the method of helping them to nod off that they used to. ⠀

There’s swaddling, or laying next to your baby and stroking their face and hands, white noise, comfort objects or loveys, air infusers to add relaxing smells and fragrances to the sleep space.⠀

Need help getting your baby to sleep? Email me if you’d like help and support teaching your baby how to sleep more independently. ⠀


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