Analysing Your Journal

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 Analysing Your Journal 

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Hello Lovely mums and dads

Today im going to get you to look back over the last 7 days of your journal. Look at everything you've written down and also now remember as well. What have you noticed about how your baby eats, sleeps, feeds and plays. You probably realise you  know a lot more than you realised which is exactly what i wanted you to discover.  despite the sleep deprivation and uncertainty at times you are actually an expert on your baby! Nobody knows your baby better than you.... Now to look at the information and ask questions so that you can figure out which sleep thieves you are dealing with.


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Questions you might want to ask.....

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I really hope you found #Soundsleepweek helpful if you still need help figuring out why your little one isn't sleeping join us on FB in our community here or send me an email if you'd prefer a 1-2-1 session with me and a tailored solution created by me just for you and your family

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