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  2. sleep problems

    The general consensus with most sleep experts is that rocking your baby to sleep will eventually become a crutch for your baby. Meaning that anytime they wake you will always have to rock or cuddle your baby in order to get them back to sleep.

    Well I’m writing this to give MY opinion on the whole rocking to sleep issue.

    Rocking or cuddling your little one to sleep is not going to cause sleep problems and is definitely not the reason why your little one isn’t sleeping. Some experts say that if you cuddle or rock your baby to sleep then you’ll always have to do so, it will become a “bad” habit or a crutch. That’s not 100 percent true but it’s not a lie either. Some little ones, depending on the individual personality

  3. itsnotyourfault


    I have a joke I share with a colleague of mine that I don’t just sleep train babies I sleep train parents too!

    I train them to realise that if they little one isn’t sleeping through the night consistently…It isn’t their fault. It’s not that anything is wrong.  It’s not that anything they do to help them sleep is wrong, their baby isn’t ill or has some secret syndrome that prevents them from needing as much sleep as their friends babies. It’s not because their little ones enjoy being awake and screaming at 3am (in fact they probably want to sleep as much as their parents do). It’s not because you rock them to sleep on occasion or because you missed they’re quiet window yesterday afternoon, or even because you’re inconsistent with your routine  on the odd occasion. It’s just that sleeping independently all night every night isn’t Its not your faultsomething they have mastered yet…

    More than ever I feel that parents need support and knowledge in this area if for no other reason than to stop blaming themselves if their little ones aren’t great sleepers.

    When I first started out as a night nanny back in 2000 sleep training your baby was the in thing.

    Gina Ford was all the rage and getting babies to sleep through the night as fast as possible was the goal. Before I became a mum myself I didn’t

  4. 4 ways

    So you’ve been doing this parenting gig for a while now and so far it’s going ok. You’ve figured out what to do when  they get hungry , and you can now change a nappy without too much poop ending up on your forehead,  You haven’t murdered them yet and they’re growing thriving and gaining weight nicely… just that one thing  that eludes you  is sleep!!