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    The following information is curated from the UK Government website & the UK National Health Service website. It is Important that you follow the government guidleines for the country within which you are located. These tips will still help you to minimise the chances of becoming infected by the co vid 19 virus.

    The first thing we can do to protect ourselves and our families is to STAY AT HOME. Here in the UK, we are not on government-enforced lockdown YET. But News media has shown that many people are ignoring the advice to socially distance and so it may not be long before a lockdown is imposed. 

  3. how to improve sleep (1)

    Are you all set for the Holidays or too tired to care because your soooo sleep deprived? 

    Have you got a little one under 2 years old who's sleep is all over the place, and while you'd like to sleep train, you way too tired to be consistent, and way too frazzled to even know what steps to take because your brain feels like mush! 

    But you still want to do SOMETHING, to help shape how and when your little one is sleeping. Well i have created something with mums like you in mind and i want you to have access to it so that you can makes the changes you need and quickly. If you can give me just 10 mins a day for 5 days, I can help you get more sleep.

    No strict routines to follow, no crying or tears, no sleep training AT ALL!!

    Just click here to find out more and sign up. 

  4. The Quiet Particular Observer!

    This little individual can be a quirky creature of habit , they like what they like & they like things “just so” & have a mind of their own. â €
    These low energy but highly focused individuals are like deep thinkers, independent but impatient, they watch & observe before diving into an activity or exploring but once they are engaged they will happily play, explore alone but will not appreciate you interrupting or interfering with them. â €
    These are the babies that don’t like changes to their daily routine at all, they don’t like high energy, noisy or excitable activities . This will be the baby that cries and gets upset & easily overwhelmed in lively noisy music classes but love quiet stories or sensory activities.

  5. co-sleeping blog

    Do you co-sleep reluctantly or fearfully?

    I co-slept with my daughter when she was newborn, i did it because she wasn't always keen to settle in her Moses basket at first and i was exhausted...I’m glad I did it and I’d do it again ( if i had another baby) I’m convinced its why she was such a good sleeper and sleeping through by 8 weeks ( although that wasn’t my intention.)

    I’m not your average sleep consultant, I don’t believe rocking/feeding/cuddling to sleep are bad habits. ( but i do think if you use these methods to settle them exclusively you could face some challenges later if you want to stop click here to read more)  I co-slept and breastfed on demand and still got my daughter sleeping through the night relatively early on ( 8 weeks old - click here to read up on how i did it!)

    Many of the mums I  meet confess to me that they co-sleep when they find out I’m a more holistic gentle sleep coach, its something they often won't admit to anyone outside of their circle because of the bad press that co-sleeping often gets. 

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  6. when sleep training isnt working


    Have you started sleep training your little one and feeling as though its just not working? Perhaps your baby is crying for hours despite you trying to soothe them, or maybe your just not feeling confident in your method and resort t feeding to sleep or rocking to sleep after 30 mins because you just feel so uncertain. If this is you i created this video just for you!!

    what to do when

  7. Teething bannerThey’re dribbling constantly, everything they get their hands on goes in their mouths and they are fussy, clingy and crying a lot more than usual! And sleep 💤 what’s that?

    They must be teething right?

    Whilst it’s possible that your baby could be cutting a tooth (some babies cut teeth as early as 6 months, some babies have even been born with teeth  this is rare.)

    A lot of mums suspect that sleep challenges along with the sudden crankiness and crying along with dribbling & everything your baby grabs going in their mouths is down to