My Soundly Sleeping Toddler Workshop Series

Week One - Getting Started.

Week One - Normal Toddler Sleep - What Science Says!!


Week one homework:                                                                                                 Observe and record your little ones activities for the next 7 days every day.  Make note in a notebook or if its easier in a notes app on your smart phone. We want to make note of the time and whats happening.     

Be sure to record:

  • Bedtime, how long it takes, what time your little one falls asleep.
  • Any wake ups & duration & what you did to help them settle. 
  • Naps & micro naps ( i.e. falling asleep in the car.)
  • Moods, behaviour. Tantrums & surrounding circumstances. 

Keeping a log allows you to look back  & identify patterns & changes  that could  identify the cause of the sleep resistance. There is always a reason why ,We just need to find it. It seems like a lot  to record but over the weeks you’ll recall much more and begin to recognise patterns  & triggers quickly.

Not sure how to make notes over a 24 hour period?  below is an example of how I make notes of children in my care throughout the day/night.

Click the button below to download your blank sleep plan,  print it off and fill it in each week as you analyse your log & begin to identify your little ones sleep thieves and begin planning solutions. If youneed help identifying your sleep thieves send me a message in the WhatsApp group or email me (121 add on members only).