Navigating & Nailing Naps Edited Replay

Class Topic & Timestamp

Start- class begins with introduction to Sleep coach Charmaine & background with sleep coaching.

10.58- the purpose of naps & what makes naps difficult for you.

14.46 why do they need to nap?

16.49 why are naps so hard?

23.54 Nap Myths

33.31 Sleep Needs across age groups

38:46 Action point- Keeping note to identify issues & calculate sleep totals.

40:49 What is sleep pressure & wake windows

49.42 why wake windows can be confusing sometimes

58.22 Tired cues.

1:06:12 Nap Quicks Wins - easy things to do daily that help naps get easier.

1:16:43- How to nail nap time

1:22:38 - managing your expectations- what normal naps look like for a 0-6 month old.

1:25:55 - what normal naps look like 6-9 months

1:28:26 - what normal naps look like 9-18 months

1:30:36 - what normal naps look like 18-36 months

1:32:29 - things to remember for naps

1:37:29- what to do if - early waking in the mornings.

1:41:19 -what to do if - wakes prematurely/cat naps

1:45:14 - what to do if - refuses to nap

1:47:59 - what to do if - my child contact naps

1:58:30 - don’t worry if your baby can’t self soothe to sleep.

2:02:20 - answering of additional questions.

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