My Soundly Sleeping Toddler July 2021

Week Four Replay: Cognitive & External/Environmental Sleep Difficulty Triggers

Week Four homework:        

Wow those 4 weeks flew by, by now you probably have a pretty good idea of what sleep difficuty triggers your child is experiencing & you may have an ide of  few things you may want to try to help your child sleep. 

Remember to continue to keepyour sleep diary so you can see the effectiveness of the stratiegies you have been using.  Small steps of improvement is still progress in the right direction.                                                                                     


Week Three Replay: Emotional & Social Sleep Difficulty Triggers

Week Three homework:                                                                                              Look back over the data you've collected so far. It time to analyse what in front of us and see if some sleep resistance is occuring for any emotional reasons. 

Below are some quesions to ponder when going  over your sleep log, the list is not exhaustive.




Week Two Replay - Physical Sleep Difficulty Triggers.

Week Two homework:                                                                                                 Continue observing and making notes. Look back over the data you've collected so far. It time to analyse what in front of us and see if some sleep resistance is occuring for any physical or physiological reeasons. 

Look back over your information and see what the data could be indicating to you. Is there sleep debt? could naps be happening to early int the day  or too late? Is there a time when ive mistaken anger for tiredness or hunger?

The answers to these questions lie in the information you've made note of.  These will give us clues to any physical sleep resistance that may be occurring. Below are physical sleep difficulty trigger questions I discussed in the workshop, these are some of the question i ask when analysing data to help me determin why a child may be having a hard time napping or sleeping. 



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Week One Replay - Getting Started.

Week one homework:                                                                                                 Observe and record your little ones activities for the next 7 days every day.  Make note in a notebook or if its easier in a notes app on your smart phone. We want to make note of the time and whats happening.     

Be sure to record:

  • Bedtime, how long it takes, what time your little one falls asleep.
  • Any wake ups & duration & what you did to help them settle. 
  • Naps & micro naps ( i.e. falling asleep in the car.)
  • Moods, behaviour. Tantrums & surrounding circumstances. 

Keeping a log allows you to look back  & identify patterns & changes  that could  identify the cause of the sleep resistance. There is always a reason why ,We just need to find it. It seems like a lot  to record but over the weeks you’ll recall much more and begin to recognise patterns  & triggers quickly.

Not sure how to make notes over a 24 hour period?  below is an example of how I make notes of children in my care throughout the day/night.

Click the button below to download your blank sleep plan,  print it off and fill it in each week as you analyse your log & begin to identify your little ones sleep thieves and begin planning solutions. If youneed help identifying your sleep thieves send me a message in the WhatsApp group or email me (121 add on members only).