What if it was simpler & easier than you imagined, to get the sleep you & your little one's need?

Its been a year of close contact and connection with our little ones, they've had unprecedented access to us, their parents for almost a year. So after a year of spending so much time together it would be normal and natural for some of us to have anxiety about returning to normal life again. 

Our Toddlers  & preschoolers are no different. 


There was a meme i saw on Instgram last week that said:

"If your little one cries when you leave the room, thats a sign of healthy secure attachment!!"

Its normal and natural for children to feel fear or anxiety at being separated from us and to struggle with those big feelings and emotions. 

The toddler years are all about learning, developing and building on their knowledge & understanding of themselves & the world around them.

All that learning, can create some big & sometimes very overwhelming feelings for your little ones.

Learning how to manage and deal with those feelings & emotions when they become overwhelming and too big for them to deal with on their own can go a long way when it comes to helping toddlers and preschoolers wind down, calm and relax ready for sleep. Emotions and physical & intellectual development play a huge role in the life of a toddler and that in turn impacts sleep. 

Since the pandemic began i noticed i was receiving a lot of enquiries from toddler and preschool parents for sleep help and began sharing and teaching what i knew about toddlers and sleep and how to help them sleep well when theyre struggling.

I need to let you know  that your toddler's difficulty with sleep is NOT because you didn't sleep train,  its not because you spoiled them with too much attention when they were at home with you during the pandemic or allowed your toddler to sleep in your bed.

That time with you hasn't made them soft, needy or overindulged. ( thats not even possible!! )

Toddlers struggling with sleep is more common than parents realise. The good news is that you solve your toddlers sleep issues quickly  when you know what's causing the sleep resistance and how to make changes to get your little one sleeping  that  work.

You can help your toddler sleep better using methods that are gentle but effective,  simple to implement and easy to incorporate into your every day lifestyle and parenting style.

Life is complicated enough as it is, right?


To help with the questions & queries around their toddlers & preschoolers sleep habits, I taught an online  class on Sleep for Toddlers. I taught that class in May of  last year,  every single month I had more & more requests to teach the class again.

With this is mind i decided to take my 2 and half hour toddler sleep workshop & create a 4 week toddler sleep support and workshop series. The My Soundly Sleeping Toddler 4 Week Programme has been created for parents  of little ones 18 months and older struggling with sleep overnight and at nap time.  

If you have a little one aged 18 months to 5 years and you're regularly dealing with the following you might find these workshops super useful.

 *Dragged out bedtimes lasting hours. 

 *Crying at bedtime or wanting you to stay with them till they fall asleep. 

 *Waking up crying for you 2 to 3 times a night. 

* Delay tactics to avoid going to sleep at bedtime. 

*Super early mornings. 4 or 5 am wake ups ready to start the day only to crash out come 9am. 

* Refusing or resisting naps. 

* Tantrums, Meltdowns & crying at naps /bedtimes or throughout the day that you KNOW are down  to tiredness.

All these behaviours are common and normal but  tiring and exhausting for the family. 

Your little one is tired & needs sleep but that seems to get harder and harder to achieve.

You're tired too, frustrated & unsure of what to do for the best. You want to help them feel secure so they can sleep but worry that giving them what they want or need will create more dependence on you for sleep rather than encourage the  independence you really want to nurture.

The Soundly Sleeping Toddler Workshops are delivered with information and content to help you understand the way your toddler sleeps and why they resist & refuse it even  when you KNOW they're exhausted. 

I created this 4 week workshop series to help you:

☑️Create and optimise habits that facilitate healthy  & predictable sleep for your toddler .

☑️I’ll be supporting and empowering you as you develop tools & strategies to help your little one to sleep more and more independently 

☑️ I will support you in building security and trust through predictably and consistency . 

☑️ I will encourage & foster love, attachment & connection whilst ensuring good sleep habits with intention & respectful boundary setting. Attachment is the foundation to good sleep!

☑️ I'll help you be accountable  & consistent in the tough moments & help you get back on track if you have a setback. 

☑️ Not only will Sleep improve but you'll find managing tantrums, emotional outburstand misbehaviour easier to diffuse too. ( if they happen at all after everything you'll learn)


This sounds like a lot of work, right? But if you know me or have been following me for a while you will know i am ALL about an easier life and MORE SLEEP for everybody......in  the easiest, simplest & fastest way possible.


Our first LIVE workshop is Wed 21st July, so there's till time to join us!!!

Scroll to the bottom of this page, click the sign up button, add the workshops to your basket. Then head to the checkout ,enter your details and make your payment. 

You will be emailed a receipt for your payment,  a link to access the first live workshop this wednesday & access to a little bit of prework so you are primed for sleep success!!! 


Whats involved in The My Soundly Sleeping Toddler Programme?

☑️4 weekly online live workshops ( 1 hour max) via zoom where i'll be sharing sleep solutions answering questions and supporting you with sleep  ( Don't worry if you cant attend a workshop live,  all classes are recorded with replays accessible in a members-only online hub.)

☑️ Simple easy to do "homework" in between  each workshop to bring you ever closer to your sleep goals. Every week your toddlers sleep, emotional well being and connection with you will get better and better!

☑️A support group on FB/WhatApp for added support, accountability and comradery between workshops. Get quick questions answered and gain support when your confidence or resolve is waning.

☑️cheatsheets, downloadable resources and tools to help you get clear on the sleep resistance triggers at play and create a plan that works quickly. 

You’ll have access to the content and resources for life, so you can always refer back and revisit the content in the future if you ever need a refresher or your toddler's sleep hits a blip!

Here’s an overview of the topics  & information we'll cover:

In week 1 

🔴 normal infant sleep for toddlers and preschoolers- what science says 

  •  How to identify reasons for sleep resistance. 
  •  sleep inhibition triggers- what makes sleep difficult for toddlers and preschoolers. 
  •  Quick fixes/wins for sleep in toddlers
  •  Self-care & sourcing support - 

In week 2

🟢Physical sleep inhibition triggers

  • Overtiredness/Overstimulation & dysregulation. 
  • Naps & daytime sleep. 
  •  Creating your daily routine and rhythm.
  •  Bedtime routine- what to include massage, books, time for connection, bed. 


In week 3

🔴 Emotional & Cognitive sleep resistance triggers

  • Emotion coaching/confidence building/patience stretching 
  •  Separation anxiety 
  •  Learning and development milestones
  •  The myth of manipulation & self soothing 
  •  Filling the love tank and attachment & connection. 
  •  Sleep strategies for anxious toddlers & preschoolers      

In week 4 

🟢External Sleep Inhibition triggers

  •  Preparing for changes 
  •  Arrival of sibling 
  •   Going to school/nursery/nanny/Mum going back to work 
  •   Revisiting self care for moms
  •   overview of strategies 
  •   Reviewing our sleep plans so far. 
  • Charting progress

All techniques methods and strategies taught in class are gentle,evidence-based, respectful of age and stage of development but most importantly they work!!!

 Taught by  myself, a mum, Former VIP Night Nanny, Toddler Teacher & sleep coach  with over 22 years experience supporting  families overnight with gentle sleep techniques that work.


Build your confidence, your connection with your little one & GET MORE SLEEP!!!