Digital Download Sleep Workshop Bundles

Dear Sleep deprived mummy,

Have you ever stayed awake at night thinking about HOW you can help your baby or toddler get the sleep you both want & desperately need without resorting to sleep training?

Sleep success & teaching your little one how to sleep through the night starts with finding the reason or cause of a sleep struggle. There is always  reason WHY your little one isn't sleeping!

Grab one of these bundles and get your little one the sleep that you both deserve. Get your  hands on one or all of these sleep workshop bundles that you can download & keep FOREVER!

Would you like to better understand WHY your little one sleeps (or fights sleep) the way they do?

 I created these digital downloadable class bundles to help simplify your little ones sleep challenges  & get more sleep the gentle way. 

These classes were previously unavailable to  download & keep. But I’ve received such amazing feedback on the content it would be unfair not to give you the chance to get your hands on them so that you too can learn from the content I share about sleep.

Added Bonus: The sleep support doesn't stop there......To add a layer of additional support join our group on Facebook , get help support, your questions & queries answered & meet other mums getting more sleep the gentle way!

I can't wait to help you get the sleep you need! 

Solving Sleep Struggles Bundle £17 for the first 10 mummies then the price goes UP!

This bundle of 7 video classes make life easier if you are trying to figure out why your little one won't sleep & give you ideas on how to create your own sleep solution for your baby. 

Classes in this bundle include:

  1. Top Tips for Sleep Success 
  2. Catch the sleep thieves - How to identify the cause of your little ones sleep challenges
  3. Keeping a Diary 
  4. Over-tiredness- how to prevent it from ruining your sleep.
  5. Physical Sleep Thieves & how to tackle them.
  6. Emotional Sleep Thieves & how to tackle them
  7. Personality & Sleep.

  Seamless Sleep Bundle £17

This 6 classes bundle  is perfect if bedtime has become a battle & naps have become non existent.

Classes in this bundle include:

  1. Top Tips for sleep success
  2. Before You Lay Me Down To Sleep
  3. Curbing Cat Naps
  4. Pre Nap rituals
  5. How to Teach your Little One to Self Settle to sleep 
  6. Over-tiredness

The Sleep Regression Survival Kit £17

This bundle of 3 classes is exactly what you need if your little one is experiencing a sleep regression. Learn how to help your little one get through a regression & reclaim your sleep.

This class bundle includes:

  1. 4 Month Regression Class
  2. 9 Month Regression Class
  3. Sleep Regression Live Workshop recording

Get The Ultimate Sleep Bundle with All 15 video classes to download & keep! £47

Want all  15 classes on offer? The Ultimate Sleep Bundle contains ALL classes  for  just 47 GBP!

1. Top tips for sleep success class

2. Catch The Sleep Thieves

3.Before You lay me down to sleep - The perfect bedtime routine

4.How to teach your baby to self settle

5. Overtiredness & how it can ruin sleep 

6. Temperament & Sleep

7. The 4 month Sleep Regression

8. The 9 month Sleep Regression

9. Curbing catnaps

10. The pre nap ritual

11. Physical Sleep Thieves & Sleep 

12. Emotions & sleep

13 Sleep Regressions Facebook Live Workshop

14. Keeping A diary  to solve sleep struggles

15. BONUS - What the experts DON't tell you about baby sleep!

Hurry and buy your bundle the faster you purchase the lower the cost!!!

These classes partnered with the support offered in the private Facebook Support Group  enables you to get the sleep you need and the added support from myself to get your little one sleeping through the night quickly and the gentle way.
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Download the classes to your smart phone, tablet or computer immediately & get the sleep you need before this amazing offer expires!!