Your FREE Video Sleep Training Class: 7 Things You Need To Know BEFORE You Sleep Train Your Little One!

I'm so glad you're here!!

My guess is that your baby is not sleeping all that much at the moment! And that  means you aren't either

I want to  help you with that...

My name is Charmaine, i'm a mum and for the last 18 years i've worked as a night nanny helping countless babies and their sleep deprived mums get the sleep they desperately want and need.

I created this training ' Seven things you need to know BEFORE you sleep train your baby' to help you get started on your journey to sleeping through the night! 

It's super short ( less than 15 mins ) as i know you don't have a lot of time on your hands but these 7 tips will  help you feel confident,  empowered and will see you achieve sleep success with minimal tears. ( Both Yours and your little ones) The Slides from the training can be downloaded here if you want to keep them

Have a question for me?  Want to know more about how i have helped countless mothers get their little ones sleeping again?

Need help creating a plan  or some accountabbility and support as you implement these changes, id be honoured to share mmy expertises with you and support you, the ways i can help you get more sleep can be found here

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