Breaking The Habit Group Program

There is no better feeling in the world than having your lovely little one fall asleep in your arms.

Your baby sleeping in your arms will be one of many wonderful memories you create with your little one that you'll look back on years from now.

..........But for some mums (as you'll know if your reading this) falling asleep in your arms is the ONLY way your baby or toddler is able to fall asleep. 

At first it's can get them off to sleep, quickly and easily right?

But as your little one grows from newborn to crawling baby and then to a toddler if its  the only way they know how get to sleep it can really take its toll on us as parents. Especially if they are waking up multiple times overnight & need your help every time to get back to sleep!

Many mums approach me with this problem.

  "It was fine to do at bedtime but now I have to rock her back to sleep at nap times which takes such a long time. She also wakes around 3 am and then again at 5. each time i have to go in and rock her back to sleep or she'll just scream. Its starting to take its toll on both of us. I'm exhausted and touched out. And she's very clingy and grouchy which isn't really like her "  

Janet ,mother of 15month old girl

"He will only fall asleep in my arms and the second i put him down he cries so i have to start again. I want him to fall asleep without my having to rock him but when i try he goes ballistic. My GP say to just let him cry but i can bear it!"

 Natalie, Mother of 9 month old baby boy

"My mother in law told me by always rocking to sleep i'd create a rod for my own back. I'm afraid she was right as he will only fall asleep in my arms, and I don't know how to teach him to go to sleep by himself " 

Marcia mother to 19 month old boy

  Aaah the wonderful mother in law! 

We can always rely on her to make us feel like we're doing an awful job as a parent lol!

But on a serious note.....

The Breaking The Habit Group program is perfect for you.....

If the sleep deprivation from multiple night wakings is getting to you & you feel like your coping with it all alone.

If your child fights bedtime and going to sleep.

If you feel you have tried everything & nothing works.

If you're ready to break that rocking to sleep or feeding to sleep habit & change how your little one gets to sleep.

If you're ready to help your toddler or baby learn to love sleep and going to bed.

If you want more sleep for the whole household!

The Breaking The Habit Program  is a 4 week group program where Charmaine  combines her expertise on infant sleep with your expertise on your little one to break old sleep habits that no longer work and create amazing new sleep habits that your little one will love. Charmaine shares with you her 4 step process to breaking old sleep habits and replacing them with new ones to create happy independent little sleepers.

Charmaine will work with you and other mums  in the program to help you  create a sleep solution tailored to the unique and individual needs of your little one, shape new sleep associations and change how your little one falls asleep. Helping you to help them sleep better and through the night when they are ready to .

During this program i'll be teaching you:

  • How you can shape change and have a positive impact on your little ones sleep!
  • How to have enjoyable relaxing and easy going bedtimes with your baby/toddler.
  • How to observe your little ones behaviour to avoid those meltdowns and tantrums caused by over tiredness.
  • How to pre-empt and avoid multiple night wakings
  • How your child's new and emerging skills and development can affect sleep and how to prevent ongoing disturbed sleep caused by developmental leaps and milestones

Included in the program.....

  • 4 Weekly Live classes - Recorded & uploaded to the portal for you to watch at your convenience. 
  • Mp3 lessons  recorded and uploaded ready for you to download and listen to on the go.  
  • Downloadable PDF worksheets- including the 24 hour journal 
  • Access to a private Facebook group with fellow Breaking The Habit members for peer support (or just a place to vent at 3am.) 
  • Weekly Live Q & A sessions. 
  • 2 x 30 min 1-2-1 sessions (via video conference) with Charmaine to help tweak your solution or discuss anything you want regarding sleep privately. 
  • 2 additional weeks virtual support after the program is finished. 
  • Step by Step process to breaking the habit once and for all. 
  • Lifetime access to online portal to access your training videos & weekly live classes, pdf workbooks etc. 

Week 1 we cover....

Week 1 we cover

Before we start preparing to shape sleep 

  • Mind-set & confidence. 
  • Realistic expectations and sleep goals.
  • Opposition & Opinions and how to deal with them.
  • What's normal sleep for a baby /toddler
  • Assessing the situation 
  • How to observe your little one 
  • What can they already do sleepwise 
  • How to analyse and interpret your observations 
  • Why do babies and toddlers wake overnight
  • Sleep resistance triggers physical, intellectual, emotional triggers. 

           Week 2 we cover

  • Sleep associations & cues.-parent dependent/independent 
  • Routines , Consistency & your toddler.
  • Creating routines, Daily, Pre Nap & Bedtime. 
  • Your child's personality & sensory preferences & using them to your advantage. 
  • Interpreting and analysing your observations. 

           Week 3 covers 

  • Crying. Coping with tears 
  • The 3 reasons why they cry 
  • Why you shouldn't resort to controlled Crying or Cry it out methods 
  • Methods -Breaking The Habit options. 
  •  -Low cry - no cry options. 
  • Creating your own solution

Week 4 we cover      

  • Implementing your solution & techniques
  • What to do if? Common Scenarios and how to cope with them 
  • Tweaking the plan
  • Now that your little One is sleeping are you?

What Clients say about Charmaine....

           Charmaine came to us when we were exhausted and in need of advice rest and support. Charmaine provided all these and more. We had 8 week old twins and I was breastfeeding when she joined us. We relied on her wisdom and trusted her implicitly in caring for our twins and using good judgement. She is open minded but at the same time well informed in helping to come up with solutions for sleep and many other baby problems, she was very patient with us during many many evenings of discussion about the problems we were having. Her advice was always sensitive to the needs of our twins as well as us as parents, and always helped. She got the balance perfect between taking control and assisting us. We miss her greatly , our 4 year old still asks where her smiley face is in the mornings! Dr C. Croft & F.Hamilton Parents of 10 month old twins and a 4 year old. Notting Hill 

           â€Å“it felt like Christmas every night she came, she struck the right balance between giving us constructive advice but NEVER preached to us, at an early stage we relied on her advice to get us through each day and it was always spot on. We never felt judged by her even when she turned up to absolute mayhem, she had a wonderful nature and it was always a relief and never a worry to hand over care of my girls to her in fact she was probably far more patient with them during the night than we were. They slept through the night must faster than we envisaged without any harsh sleep training methods or crying.We were nervous when she stopped coming but we remembered her advice and its all been fine. I've recommended her to all my pregnant friends!!   Mrs Thomson- Wandsworth, London UK, Mother of Twin girls 4months old.

Are you ready to finally break the habit & get more sleep?

Want to in on the program? Ready to get more sleep?

doors close and class begins on Feb 16th.

To join the cost is £197 with the option to pay in installments too!

Hurry and get on the program now, later on in the year when we launch this program again the price will increase!!